"First off, let me tell you, I loved this class. Angie is amazing at what she does, both the technical/make-up side of it and the layout/presentation. The event was so profession and well laid out, yet very warm and inviting. I was super impressed!


Also as a personal antidote, it was pretty funny. I was thinking about maybe not going, as I realized recently when I looked in the mirror that my skin just seems "blah" to me - too dry, more blemishes and kinda splotchy. So I was thinking the make-up class would be too much since I need to handle my icky skin :) Come to find out, the first thing Angie talked about was the importance of healthy skin; it was so perfect and awesome!"


Wife & Executive

"Angie is the best! I went to 'The Basics Makeup Class' not really knowing what to expect, and I was blown away by what I learned. I thought I really knew what I was doing with my makeup routine, but I got so many new tips and tricks! Within a week of buying new makeup that was better for my skin, the correct color, etc. and learning how to apply it correctly (blending ladies!) I got so many compliments about how good it looked. I would highly recommend Angie to anyone who is looking for a great makeup artist for a wedding, photo shoot, or simply for a fun event! To top it off, she is just an amazing woman and a friend to everyone – love her! I am looking forward to another class with her to improve my own skills even further and looking forward to booking her for my next big event for sure!"


Wedding Planner & Mom

"I would consider myself a make-up novice, where I picked up a lot of tips over the years, but the class I took from Angela was the best thing I could have ever done for myself. It really took my make-up and overall skincare to another level. From her helpful tips and tricks, to her extensive knowledge, I came away feeling confident in my own skills and ready to take on my face without being scared I was going to mess up, and you know what I didn't! This is a must take class for anyone who wants to enhance their inner beauty!! I  cannot wait for her next class!"


Wife, Mom, & Executive

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