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August 4, 2018

June 29, 2018

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January 27, 2019

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August 11, 2018


Okay, I'm giving you the goods. Everything you need to know about keeping your hair & makeup looking fierce in humidity! 


1) Calm down, it's going to be okay. Whether you're oily, dry, have crazy hair, or none at all, we will not only make it through, but you will SLAY!

2) Stick to what is natural for you. Is your hair naturally curly? Embrace it! Make those curls look their absolute best. Updos with curly hair are SO GORGEOUS and so fitting for nuptials in a tropical, beach-y location. Something super sleek can sometimes look off against an organic background of sand, palm trees, & ocean waves. Maybe your hair is long and straight and you want it to blow in the wind, let it be free! Remember the beach can be windy, so know that going into it. If you want it down, there's always a chance you will have lots of wild pieces flying, which is so boho and beautiful. If that's not your thing though and you want something more put together, check out some loose updo options on Pinterest. Not every updo has to be tight and high. There's one for you, I promise. Check out my Costa Rican Elopement for inspo!

3) Matte Foundation, Matte Foundation, Matte Foundation. I cannot express this enough! Even if you like a natural or glowy finish, I promise you need to start out matte. Within an hour or two, your foundation will start to melt a bit. If you start with something super moisturizing and glowy, you will end up with a mud slide (not cute). Start with matte foundation, and always be sure to set your makeup with a translucent powder! Current Cruelty-Free Fave: Colour Pop Cosmetics No Filter Foundation. I am shade Medium 90.

4) Don't forget your sunscreen, even on days that look overcast. This is not just a smart thing to do in general, it's really crucial when you're in a place your skin in not used to. When you are closer to the equator, the sun is much closer and can cause you to burn quicker and deeper. Not good for your skin, and certainly not a fun look for your wedding day. I recommend something with at least 50 SPF in it and be sure you are reapplying when you get out of the water (yes even water-resistant sunscreens can and do wipe off). 

5) Rose water. My OG followers know how obsessed I am with Rose Water and for a slew of reasons! One of the top being that it's ability to truly balance your skin and allow it acclimate to any weather. So this tip works for both tropical and dry locations. Use this mist anytime you wash your face and throughout the day. Keep a travel size in your purse and mist yourself when you feel a bit sweaty (or dry!) to reset your makeup and help your skin re-balance. I mist myself 5-6 times daily when I'm on vacation in radically different weather. Don't be shy with it! Current Cruelty-Free: