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August 4, 2018

June 29, 2018

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January 27, 2019

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Costa Rican Elopement

August 4, 2018

What? I went to Costa Rica? It happened, and I will never forget it. 


When Erika from The Greatest Adventure Weddings reached out to me and said she was putting a team of Seattle's Top Wedding Vendors together for a wedding giveaway and wanted ME on Hair & Makeup, I immediately said yes. For one, Erika is rad and plans EPIC destination elopements (and local weddings too, of course), but secondly, how incredibly amazing would it feel to gift a FULL wedding package to a deserving couple? I was IN!


So all 5 Vendors put out the word on social media. All newly engaged couples, apply and tell us why this should be given to you! We had a TON of responses, as you can imagine. One special letter stood out among the rest though. A letter from Matt about his love, Jani. He spoke about how they'd been long distance for awhile, and were finally living in the same city. He spoke about her heart, her soul, and really spelled out for us how special she was. We could all feel it. He then told us he hadn't even proposed to her yet! WHAT? He said, if he wins this elopement package, he wanted to add that special detail to the proposal he's already had planned for their Spain vacation. 


Fast forward to us unanimously choosing Matt, he proposed to her in Spain, and after she said yes and stopped crying, he let her know they'd won the contest she'd found on Instagram months pervious. She didn't know he gave it a second thought, let alone had applied! She was blown away to say the least. 


Erika immediately got into wedding planner mode and started talking about locations with them. They live in Chelan, Washington which is actually a very popular semi-destination wedding location for PNW locals, so I thought for that's what they would choose. Or perhaps one of them has an Aunt that has a beautiful home in California? When the list of possible locations came back and Costa Rica was on it, I couldn't believe it. A few short weeks later, they'd purchased our tickets and we were headed out!


Life. Made. 


The trip was incredible from beginning to end. The water, the beaches, the company, our sweet couple. I made a friend in Jani and continue to see her to this day. In fact, I'm staying with her for the second time this summer for another Chelan wedding I have booked. It's incredible how life works when you share a piece of your heart for the benefit of another. We all jumped in blindly to thought of blessing a couple for one of the most special moments in their life, and we got return a trip of a lifetime, and a handful of new friends. 


From our Costa Rican Elopement with Jani & Matt, here are some behind the scenes shots, professional photos from the wedding day & bonus photoshoot, and their wedding film.