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June 29, 2018

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Stripping down to gain confidence?

January 27, 2019

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Fun Courthouse Wedding

June 29, 2018

You guys, what can I say about sweet Claire? My adorable Vegan bride who chose an understated, chic wedding look. 


Claire chose the perfect two-piece wedding dress for her courthouse nuptials, and a traditional red gown for her cultural reception to follow. Knowing her schedule would be fairly tight that day, leaving no time for a touch-up appointment or second hair/makeup look, she knew she'd need a look that would last her all day! An even bigger concern for her, was having a makeup look that would stay put on her oily skin. She mentioned she doesn't typically wear makeup at all for that very reason. Taking the time to put makeup on, that will only melt off a few hours later is hardly worth the time. 


So, by the time I finally met Claire for her trial run, she'd already had a makeup session with another Seattle makeup artist. She mentioned the look was okay, but that it didn't last more than two hours before the foundation started to melt off her face (no!). In a panic, she booked a session right away with me, having heard I was quite experienced with different skin types, and had a 100% Cruelty-Free Hair & Makeup kit (being Vegan, this was extremely important to her). 


I chatted with her about her skin, what products she normally uses, how she normally wear her hair & makeup, and her ideal look for wedding day. I work a lot with skin of all sorts, but I still like to take the time to truly understand my client's unique circumstances. I believe it allows me to come up with a great plan right away, without wasting time with multiple trial runs. Together we decided on a simple, fresh, but long lasting makeup look, and a sleek low bun to pair. 


I love the look we came up with, and judging from the