Seattle Makeup Lessons | Group & Private

Taught by Professional Makeup Artist, Angie Evans

Life is FULL of social gatherings and special moments and nothing makes you feel more beautiful & bright than showing up feeling your best!

Let me share with you some of the most useful tips, tricks, & products I've accumulated over the last 8 years of doing professional makeup.

You will leave this class with the knowledge you've so been craving to start not only looking, but FEELING your best. 

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One-On-One Makeup Lessons

These Private Makeup Lessons are personal and extremely thorough. We talk about skincare & makeup and why you are wanting to wear makeup at all. Once we establish your needs and what looks you personally want to learn, we get started. I bring my professional makeup kit and teach you step by step how to achieve the look we create. I take the time to go through your full makeup collection and recommend what items we hang onto and which we let go of. After that, I customize a shopping list to include every makeup item and tool you need. Having worked retail for so long, I can 80% of the time even give you the exact color match you need, which allows you to shop online. Optional add-on: Shopping trip together to a makeup store near you (additional cost). 

The Basics - Tutorial Style

During this 2-hour event I will show you how to create a simple, glowing, beautiful everyday look AND how to transition to night in 5 minutes. You leave with TWO of my signature looks AND the knowledge you need to duplicate them at home. Feel free to ask as many questions as you’d like! This is an open forum setup- I WANT to hear from each of you. Brunch & Swag Bags Included (you will NOT leave empty handed).

The Basics - Hands-On Style

This includes everything my original Basics Event covers PLUS a hands on portion. With this being a 4-hour event ,you also receive a full meal, instead of a light brunch. Please bring your personal makeup bag with you so I am able to go through what you currently own. Some of which we will toss (expired items, not useful, wrong tones, etc) others I will teach you how to get better use out of. You will have the opportunity to create a full customized shopping list of what items you need to complete your new makeup bag and makeup style. Together, as a group, we apply makeup from our bags, utilizing the steps we just learned. This allows you to fine tune your new skills and get help with any struggles you are having. Please come makeup free to this class. 

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